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UK Company Formation Value Pack

Low cost company formation service only £50

Applicant appointed as founding director

Free real-time online company name search


Free Domain Name

Original Printed Certificate of Registration

Free Email Address

Online company management

Hassle-free company formation No documents to sign Free Company Protection Service

Includes Original Certificate of Registration

No gimmicks one price includes everything & more...
Other companies advertise a low price but charge you extra for the official printed certificate, or additional company documentation.
Our £50 price is the TOTAL price you pay with no hidden charges !

Why You Should Form Companies With Us

Our unique Company Protection service helps your company to trade safely and guard against threats to your business and reputation. When you order a new company value pack from us we include a free 1 year subscription to the service.

1. Company Hijack Protection. When paper forms are submitted to Companies House, they do not verify the bona fides of a form to change the address of a company or to appoint new directors. This has resulted in a number of companies being hijacked by fraudsters. We can help prevent this from affecting your company, by implementing a lock down feature. The lock down feature prevents any changes to your company record, unless it is done using our secure online company administration facility, which keeps an audit trail of all changes, to your company record and prevents unauthorized attempts to change your company appointments or address.

2. Company name registration protection. We notify you when someone has registered a company name which is confusingly similar to your name. This can cause problems for your company if the name has been registered by people with bad intentions as they can order goods and services, using your good reputation, and credit standing. If you decide the new name is a problem we provide an online system for you to object to registration of the company name, if this is done promptly there is very good chance of preventing any harm to your company name.

3. Trademark Registration Protection. We notify you when anybody is trying to register a trademark which will affect your company name. If someone manages to register a trademark the same as your company name without you knowing about it, they can prevent you from using the company name. This can cause severe problems if you have invested money and time in your company name.

We Form Clean Companies

We form companies with you as the first directors, and shareholders, other agents form companies using agent director (s) then resign and transfer the shares to your directors. The presence of these agent directors and shareholders leads to confusion and delay when opening bank accounts, or anything involving credit transactions for your company like opening a merchant account or lease arrangements. The reason is that anyone doing a search of your company will find the first shareholders were not yourselves but the agent, they will then ask proof from yourselves that the shares have been transferred to yourselves, to confirm that you are in fact the owner of the company. We form CLEAN COMPANIES you are appointed as director (s) and shareholder at the outset. It means no other director or shareholder other than the ones you appoint will appear in the company registry.

UK Company Formation Services

UK Company Registration offers specialized online company formation services across the United Kingdom and various offshore jurisdictions, with consistently good quality service and economical pricing.

You can get all your company formalities and requirements, from initial formation proceedings, statutory and administrative, to a complete running and functional company, managed at UK Company Registration, with the minimum of your time and effort.

Using UK Company Registration services, means that no director or shareholder name(s) other than the ones you appoint, will appear in the company registry.

Offshore Services
Through its sister concern, Offshore Center, UK Company Registration offers a full range of services including offshore company formation, offshore bank account opening and advise regarding setting up of trusts and estate planning.

UK Company Registration has been a pioneer in Offshore Finance and corporate management services and has formed numerous companies for private individuals as well as multi-national corporations. UK Company Registration maintains a team of Attorneys and Professional Advisers for Formation and Registration of Companies, both within the UK as well as in other offshore financial centers.

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Ready Made company with
Bank Account already opened
Start your Business
in 24 hours
Managed Company for £900
European Company
for £200
Managed Tax System
Old Readymade Companies
Companies older than 1 year 
Ready Made company with
Bank Account already opened
Offshore Company Formation
Ready made UK companies with
Nominee Director and Bank Account

Complete ready made UK company
with nominee director and
bank account with ATM card

Offshore companies with
Bank Account
Complete ready made offshore companies with bank account
UK LLP Formation
UK LLP Formation £150. LLP
formed in 10 to 14 working days
Trademark Ready Companies
Online Identity with .com domain 
Get Your Corporate Identity
for just £ 100
Company Logo Design 
250 Business Cards 10 Page
Web Site Design Letterhead/
Memo Design
Marketing Package
Business Stationery Package
Virtual London Office
Offshore Company incorporate in Seychelles
Offshore Company incorporate
in British Virgin Islands (BVI)
Hassle-free incorporation
of Delaware LLC available

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